About Us

Zaman Motors Group Sdn Bhd was founded by Dato' Haji Khadri bin Khalid in 1982.

Dato' Haji Khadri, who still remains as the director, initially started the company as a motorcycle business, having been a motorcycle dealer in Taiping, Perak. In 1984, only two years after the company's foundation, Zaman Motors was appointed as the sole representative of Suzuki Group and became very successful in distributing the brand to a wider public.

Zaman Motors has received the Top 10 Franchise Awards successively for 10 years, after meeting the yearly achievements. The company continued to expand further and successfully became the distributor of other top automotive brands. In 1988, Zaman Motors became the distributor of Proton EON, became the EON's service representative in 1997 and Proton Edar's sales representative in 2003. Other brands include Europe! and Fiat, who chose Zaman Motors as their distributor in 1995. The company has relocated its operations several times over the past 27 years to meet the growing demands and needs.

Eventually, Zaman Motors relocated and settled on Jalan Kuala Kangsar in Ipoh, where it still remains to this day. Zaman Motors has consistently taken big steps in growth and expansion. After continued success, the company managed to be a representative for KIA Motors from 2004 to 2009, operating under a subsidiary company to manage the growing needs more effectively and efficiently.